JEEMA Mobile Validator is a Joomla extension and all the requirements of Joomla are applicable.  Please visit for detailed Joomla requirements

JEEMA Mobile Validator uses JEEMA SMS Core to send the secret code SMS message.

The installation can be done as a standard Joomla installation procedure.  JEEMA Mobile Validator is delivered as a ZIP package.  The component is availabe as separate package in Jeema_sms_unzipme->packages->pkg_jeemasms_mobile_validator and plugins are available in Jeema_sms_unzipme->plugins->Validator as separate installable zip files for the various profile components(Joomla, Community Builder, Jomsocial) 

Unzip the folder and navigate to the folder and install the pkg_jeemasms_mobile_validator component and the respective plugins.

Note: Please do not install all Plugins without knowing the usage.  If you use Joomla profile management then you should install only the plugins related to Joomla profile management.