Business Case

I want to setup a Joomla SMS website to allow my members to send personalized SMS messages based on a excel spread sheet.  In the spread sheet I will have the mobile number in one column and message in an another column with variables and values in other columns.  The system should supply the values to those variables and form the SMS message and send to the respective mobile number.


Personalised SMS works out of box in JEEMA SMS.  It supports 2 ways of sending personalized SMS messages.  One way is on page submit and another way is as a background process.  You can prepare a CSV file which can contain multiple rows and each row can have multiple columns.  Give the mobile number in the first column and message in the second column.  Variables can be provided with # values.  Once the CSV is uploaded the system will form the SMS message based on the variables and values and send to the respective mobile number.  If background is enabled then the CSV file will be uploaded to a particular folder.  And a cronjob will pick the file and send the messages.  It also supports sending UNICODE messages.